Wrestling at the betting shop

Wrestling rules and matches. technology and functionality. Broken tables and chairs, brutal warriors with blood on their faces, Nikolai Fomenko’s comments. That’s how anyone who watched wrestling remember wrestling in the early 2000s. Today it is a show based on prepared scenarios, knowing in advance who will be the winner.

What wrestling

This is a staged battle with a predetermined winner. The audience is aware of this nuance, but is nervous until the end of the game, as it is difficult to understand who will win the championship. Everyone sympathizes with a participant in a fight, worries about him and waits for a funny moment, like hitting an enemy with a chair. It’s fair to say that athletes play a role in the rings that are given to them.

A wrestler with a muscular torso enters the ring in boxer shorts and gloves. Some prefer more luxurious clothing: skinny leather pants or tall boots. It’s an entertaining content that engages viewers. Both men and women fight in the ring. And spectators prefer men fighting because they often move out of the ring and sometimes fight with improvised means: tables, chairs, etc.

Compared with other forms of wrestling, wrestling does not have obvious blows. Athletes try not to use prohibited techniques because winning is not the goal. Once in the ring, everyone involved knows who is going to win and how much money the game will bring.

History background

Wrestling originated in France in the 19th century with what was known as “French wrestling”. From there it gradually spread to Western Europe and the United States. And in the 1970s. The discipline has taken shape in its modern form. Currently, the sport of wrestling is actively cultivated in Mexico, the United States, and Japan.

Features and rules of wrestling

The peculiarity of this type of wrestling is the small number of rules in it. Wrestling combines techniques and elements from various martial arts, using rules borrowed from Greco-Roman wrestling. The restrictions set are mostly related to health and safety, as well as the censorship standards (regarding the use of certain techniques or types of improvised weapons) set for television programs in each particular region. These rules also apply to the safety of fans, as the playing area often extends beyond the ring to the spectators.

Stage wrestling can take two forms:

  • Fight between two athletes.
  • Duel between teams.

Given the nature of the competition, the terms of the competition are determined individually for each competition by the organizers of the show. However, there are always winners or no winners at all.

Victory condition

Wrestling offers wrestlers a plethora of ways to fight their opponents. The following are the main ones:

  • Place your opponent on the shoulder blades and hold still until the referee counts to three.
  • Go to a specific object in the ring.
  • Send an opponent into the knockout round – a position where they are physically unable to continue fighting.

Use the top rope to throw your opponent out of the ring

The opponent wins if:

  • The athlete left the ring and spent more time there than the judge gave him.
  • The fighter was pinned down painfully, after which he surrendered.
  • The boxer broke the rules of wrestling and was disqualified.
  • In team fights, the winning team is the one whose competitors beat one of their opponents, regardless of their total.

Fighting Techniques and Forbidden Techniques

  • In battles between teams, the principle of “fighting each other” applies. Also, comments against other members of the team are prohibited.
  • You can’t hit your opponent with your fist or the toe of your shoe and bite the eye.
  • It is allowed to attack players at any time and any place on the field.
  • If the lifter grabs the edge while receiving the attack, the grab must be stopped immediately. Storage should do the same. This rule does not apply when the fighter climbs the ropes to attack.
  • If both contestants are eliminated, the match will result in a draw.
  • If neither wrestler wins, the bout is aborted.

Wrestling Betting at Bookmaker: Key Features and Features

Wrestling is a theatrical performance that mimics a real sporting event. In modern reality, various martial arts, performance and athletic skills are combined as efficiently and professionally as possible so that you do not inflict serious injury or cause damage to your opponent. Betting on these games is hardly popular, but this direction has its fans.

If a few decades ago it was possible to find someone who would have doubted the arena nature of some wrestling union’s matches, there are very few now. Most fans understand that fight scenes are written in advance, and fighters and their teams know who will win and how before the fight.

Despite these characteristics, the “sport” has not diminished in the number of fans or people interested in betting on wrestling at bookmakers.

Where to Bet on Wrestling: Choose a Legit Bookmaker

Among Russian bookmakers, only 1xBet regularly offers a large number of wrestling bets. She also can’t boast a long roster, but WWE wagers are generally accepted and the number of available events runs into the hundreds.

In most cases, bookmakers only place bets on the winner of a match or tournament. You can also bet on who will never win in a fight with more than two fighters.

Sometimes Betcity bookmakers come out on top when it comes to wrestling betting, but this is rare and hard to attribute to tradition.

Wrestling federations and their characteristics

Currently, the sport, disliked by many due to its invented battle plan, has several major federations at the same time. Let’s talk about the characteristics of each.


The most successful and well-known genre of wrestling, enjoying the greatest popularity in the United States. Who doesn’t know John Cena? Even in the CIS countries it is very difficult to find a person who has never seen merchandise (T-shirts, hats) with his face or symbols on it.The Society produces five shows a week, broadcast live on multiple US channels. The format of the competition is aimed at audiences of all ages: without the elements of “adult” scenes such as blood, heinous and obscene screams.

This is the most popular type of wrestling match, so most bookmakers offer WWE betting most often.

One strike!

The association was formerly known as TNA. Positioning itself as the fresher, funnier answer to the WWE Association’s evolution into “The Faceless.”

One strike! Known for betting on rich acrobatics and very dangerous stunts. Highly skilled wrestlers, Native Americans and veterans from other associations, and very young athletes who haven’t yet joined WWE perform here.

Unlike WWE, there is no age limit for fighters, but there are blood, obscene language and other content, which increases the interest of the audience.


One of the most “ruthless” associations. It has almost no limits: fights follow wrestling rules, but really powerful punches and “real pain” are pretty much limitless. Founded by former wrestler John Zandig, it is one of those matches that will likely never air on the official television network.