How to bet on wrestling?

The wrestling betting algorithm is quite simple. The bettor chooses the bookmaker where bets on these events are accepted. Next, you need to decide on a specific rate. Professional cappers even adhere to some strategies, despite the fact that the fights are mostly staged.

Features of betting on freestyle wrestling

Some cappers use freestyle wrestling betting strategies for wrestling, since this sport is as close as possible to wrestling. Many tricks are allowed, and the key task is to put the opponent on the shoulder blades. Freestyle wrestling is also bet mainly on the victory or defeat of an athlete in a particular match or tournament as a whole.

What to look for when choosing a bet: features of analytics

Preferring to bet on wrestling, it is important for fans of this entertainment to consider the following aspects:

  • You need to follow the show regularly in order to understand how the fights work, which wrestlers are considered leaders, etc. You can also track the patterns of staged fights.
  • Capper must arm himself with news from the world of wrestling, which also affect the balance of power, but it will be necessary to look for suitable resources outside the RuNet. The most informative news and expert materials are published in English.
  • Try to anticipate future developments. Study the signals of fighters, spectators, organizers, see the statistics of the competition. Even staged wrestling has its own logic, and it is important to understand it.
  • Do not spray your attention on numerous tournaments and federations. It is better to decide which wrestlers you will bet on in order to better study them.
  • Emotions get in the way of bets. If you sympathize with the wrestler or, conversely, feel antipathy, it is better to refrain from betting on the participant.

Where to bet on wrestling: a choice among legal bookmakers

Wrestling bets are not among the popular ones, if we talk about domestic bookmakers, but wrestling still attracts its audience. 1xBet offers a wide range of events and an extensive line of outcomes, so wrestling fans often choose this bookmaker. Of the shortcomings – only events under the auspices of the WWE are taken into account. The BetCity office offers to bet on this type of entertainment from time to time.


Wrestling is a kind of industry where the spirit of confrontation borders on show and staging, but cappers often add wrestling fights to their predictions. At first glance, it is not easy to guess the scenario, but professional bettors follow the events on their own, and therefore, sooner or later, they begin to catch some patterns. This approach is the key to success.

Questions and answers

What events accept wrestling bets?

You can bet on wrestling during the following competitions: Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series.

What outcomes do bookmakers offer for betting on wrestling?

The following outcomes are available in the list of bets:

  • Fight winner.
  • How the match will end (with a hold, submission, or after a disqualification).
  • Appear in the ring. At any time, another fighter can intervene in the confrontation between wrestlers. His participation in the battle itself is optional, the bet is calculated only upon the fact of appearance.
    interfere in the match. In this type of bet, the direct participation of the fighter and the striking of the wrestlers is mandatory.
  • Tournament winner.
  • The wrestler will leave the tournament with any belt.

What are the disadvantages of betting on wrestling?

Bookmakers do not particularly welcome wrestling because of the staged nature of the fights, therefore they rarely include it in the lines. Even if this happened, the painting will not be very variable.