Wrestling is the leader in bookmakers

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports. Some of its varieties are on the list of the Olympic Games. This fact could not be overlooked by bookmakers. Among other bets, they offer wrestling lines. Let’s figure out how to bet on wrestling and what is important to know.

The most popular types of wrestling

In different kinds of this sport, victory can be achieved in different ways. The division of the struggle into types depends on this. Let’s consider the main ones.

  • Greco-Roman wrestling. Partners are in the rack or stalls. Footwork is prohibited. Also, you can not carry out the capture below the waist.
  • Freestyle wrestling. Partners are also in the stalls or in the rack. In this form, both holds below the waist and holds with the legs are allowed.
  • Sambo. Standing or ground position. Techniques are used with the help of the legs, grips below the waist. In addition, painful techniques are allowed.
  • Judo. All of the above techniques are allowed, and suffocating techniques are added to painful ones.

Since 1896, wrestling has been one of the Olympic sports, although from time to time it appears on the exclusion list. According to the types of wrestling, which were discussed earlier, state, regional, continental tournaments and championships are held. For example, the European and World Championships.

For each type of wrestling, official recognition was received at different times. For example, the International Olympic Committee recognized SAMBO only in 2018. This very symbolically coincided with the date: 80 years since SAMBO was assigned the status of an official sport. So the national sport entered the international community.

Advantages of Wrestling Betting Wrestling

Betting has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the benefits of betting first:

  • Any bet on the winner, including the favorite, has a high odds.
  • Fans of live betting (in real time) will love betting on wrestling. Tournaments are very fast paced and tend to change tide drastically as the athletes quickly lose strength during the fight.
  • The victory in the fight goes not to the stronger, but to the smarter athlete. For this sport, strategy and careful thought are important. The same principle applies in the betting process. A winning forecast can be obtained by calculating all the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters, analyzing their performance in a particular fight.
  • Disadvantages of betting

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of betting on wrestling:

Major competitions have short lead times. This means that betting on one type throughout the year will not work and you will have to study several types of wrestling.

Freestyle wrestling is the most popular sport. Consequently, bookmakers offer bets on it in a greater quantity and with a greater choice. What can not be said about other types of wrestling.

Small painting. Other sports allow you to form more predictions in a single match than in wrestling matches.

Types of bets

Many bookmakers offer the following main types of bets on wrestling:

A bet on winning a duel. It does not matter how the victory was obtained, ahead of schedule or due to more points.

A bet on winning a tournament. Such bets can have good odds, as tournaments often use the harsh Olympic knockout system.

A bet to win with a handicap. A victory by the number of points is accepted, taking into account the handicap that the bookmaker indicated in the bet.

Total bet. This is perhaps the most unpredictable bet. The duel can end quickly and with a small score or last for a long time, while the score will inevitably grow.

Bet on a specific reception. This bet takes into account which technique will be the final one in a particular fight. For example, in freestyle wrestling, a wrestler can put the opponent on the shoulder blades and hold in this position for more than three seconds. This technique is called touche.

How to use analytics when choosing wrestling bets

It would seem that placing a bet is not difficult. However, whether it will be profitable depends largely on how comprehensively you have collected data and whether you are attentive to details. Each athlete has their pros and cons. Their knowledge will help you make the right choice. Each technique in the fight is evaluated in one or another number of points. It is important to understand the battle tactics of each player, to know his favorite tricks. This will help to build a fight plan and analyze the chances of success for the athletes.

Competition statistics are also important. An “uncomfortable opponent” may appear: this category helps determine the winner. Uncomfortable opponents include an athlete who falls outside the standards in terms of external parameters or personal data.

The motivation of a wrestler depends on the composition of the fans around him, on the venue of the tournament.

Pay attention to the stamina of the wrestler. Wrestling matches are characterized by tight deadlines, which leads to a large number of meetings in a period of time. Given the knockout system, each subsequent opponent will be stronger than the previous one. Such a pace is difficult to maintain, and the advantage will be with a more enduring athlete.